Summer 2023


Summer is here. And we have been hard at work playing shows all around the state, meeting you, and sharing music that we all love. At our last show at Tin Roof Orlando there were SO many of you that came up to us after the show and said things like, “I was walking by here and heard you guys playing and we just HAD to come in”, and “I had so much fun listening to you guys, I knew every single song you guys played!”.

These are honestly the biggest compliments we could ever receive. This band is all about having fun, so we know that if you are saying things like that to us, we are doing our job. And we hope it shows on stage as well. We love coming up to you while you're screaming the lyrics back to us on ADDICTED, or feeling the energy in the crowd when Kyle starts Smells Like Teen Spirit, and of course when you all go ABSOLUTELY BONKERS when I start Sugar, We're Goin Down.

This summer we have a lot going on, and thats a good thing! We are super honored to be a part of the first ever EMOcean Fest in Kissimmee and to get ready for that we are going to work on some new original songs…things you've never heard from us before. We can't wait to play them for you.

We are truly honored that anyone would take the time to come see us play silly tunes we grew up with, or care enough to like something we post or share it with their friends and family. Like we keep saying, this band is all about having fun, and you all make it the funnest (thats right, proper english be damned)!


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